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All Submissions are made through Film Freeway

  • Can I bring family and friends?
    Yes, of course. We encourage all filmmakers to bring their friends and family to watch their officially selected film.
  • If my film is selected, do I have to buy tickets?
    No. You will receive a festival pass for two people.
  • What is the festival looking for in a film?
    Our festival is a celebration of Independent Filmmakers. In fact, the festival is by independent filmmakers for independent filmmakers! We ensure that our judges have a diverse range of experience and backgrounds so that all films are viewed and judged fairly. Each judge will assess your film, scoring it from 1 to 10 against the following criteria: - Originality and Creativity. - Direction. - Writing. - Cinematography. - Performances. - Production Value. - Pacing. - Sound/Music. Films with the highest scores, calculated against the available screening time, will be selected. For specialist categories, the Festival Director will vet submissions to ensure they meet the criteria I.e. Uniquely Canberra District. If any issue is discovered, the film maker will be contacted.
  • Can I resubmit a film from last year?
    No. We do not accept re-submissions.
  • Does the festival have an audience award?
    Yes. We have a People's Choice Award. Voting takes place over the three days of the festival. You can only vote if you have purchased a ticket to the festival and voting is only accepted at the festival (ballot box). Voting slips are attached to the ticket at the time of purchase. The People's Choice Award winner is announced at 9.45pm on Saturday 9 November during the closing award ceremony.
  • If I win an award, but can't come to the awards ceremony, how do I get my award?
    Due to the very high costs of posting awards (the trophies are heavy), we would encourage you to send a representative to the festival on your behalf to collect the award. If this is not possible, the award will be posted to you. Please Note: WTF does everything it can to pack the award safely, mark it as fragile etc, but we still have awards arriving in a damaged state. Additionally, some awards never arrive at all. To avoid this occurring, it is best to have a representative attend the festival. Those award winners internationally, the award will be mailed to you. WTF does not accept any liability for damaged awards, or awards that go missing.
  • Can I submit a concept or a work in progress?
    No. We only accept completed films. If you are still making a film and worried that it will fall outside the eligibility time period, please contact the festival so an exemption can be considered.
  • Can I submit a film if it’s already been screened?
    Doesn't matter to us. We support independent filmmakers, not punish them because they've already had success with a film. Submit away!
  • Do I have to pay to enter other award categories?
    NO! You only pay the submission fee for the film category you are entering. Once submitted, the film is automatically in the running for all festival awards.
  • What is a public screening?
    WTF Festival holds a physical festival at the National Film & Sound Archives in Canberra, Australia. All selected films are screened at this location. Anyone from the public can purchase tickets to come and watch the films. This means your film will screen to an actual audience. Apart from members of the public, the audience will include sponsors, media, invited guests, other filmmakers and of course, those people associated with the films that are screening. Our festival screenings are well attended and most sessions are close to, if not sold out.
  • How do I know my film is right for the WTF?
    As long as it has been made within the last 24 months, it's eligible for submission. Please check Film Freeway (or our festival website) for a complete list of categories. Some categories are restricted to certain geographical locations, but most are open to all, no matter where you are located.
  • What can I do if I miss the deadline?
    Please contact the festival organisers ASAP. If there is time available to work through the administration and judging, we may be able to provide an exemption for submission.
  • How do I pay the submission fee?
    All payments for submissions are to be made through Film Freeway.
  • What are the submission fees?
    The submissions fees vary, depending on the category and when you submit. Early Bird is the cheapest period to submit a film, followed by the Regular Submission period and the most expensive is Late Entries. Please refer to Film Freeway for details.
  • Can I post a copy of the film to WTF as an entry?
    No. Submissions are only accepted electronically through Film Freeway.
  • How do I submit my film?
    All films are to be submitted via Film Freeway.
  • When is the submission deadline?
    Early Bird deadline - 30 April 2024 Regular deadline - 25 August 2024 Late Entry deadline - 15 September 2024
  • Do I have to submit my film through Film Freeway?
  • I can't find the question I wanted to ask?
    Check the rules on Film Freeway WTF Festival page. This provides an extensive overview of requirements. Additionally, email the festival organisers through the contact form on the website.
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