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Our 2024 Festival Judges


Aurea is an energetic and passionate Australian producer and performer currently living in the US, who has spent the last 18 years in the film and television industry.

A graduate from The Film & Television at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, she secured the prestigious O1 Visa which recognises individuals with extraordinary ability within the motion picture and entertainment industry, and has built a career in front of the camera on large scale TV productions for CW Network, ABC Network, and MSNBC; along with numerous feature films, short films and online series. Aurea has spent the past decade building a body of work behind the camera, primarily as a producer and 1st AD.

Throughout this time she teamed up with fellow Australian director Shae-Lee Shackleford, to produce award winning commercials and branded content for recognised companies such as Ralph Lauren, WSL, TEVA and multi-award winning ‘Thrush the Musical’ for Canestan. She has developed and produced award winning television pilot concepts and popular web series.

The dynamic duo are currently working on two feature films ‘The Aussie’ and ‘The Shaman’ which are set to bring them back to Australia to showcase their cultural heritage and homeland to international audiences.


Aurea Morrissey

Open Female & Open Short (up to 10 mins)

Sci-Fi & Open Short (up to 10 mins)

Phil Small.jpg

Phil Small

Never a reader but someone who has relied on film to tell the story Phil spent 20 years in front of the camera on Canberra television as a news presenter and sports show host.
He is a multi national radio award winner (ACRA) and still remains active as a commentator regionally.
Always attracted to the visual aspects of film and especially those with a sci fi bent Phil has more recently worked within government alongside Production teams creating content relating to security and community engagement.
He looks forward to viewing the many possibilities of his categories in this years awards.





Under 3 Minutes, Uniquely Canberra District,
Canberra District Documentary & Music Videos.

Jen Thompson.jpg

Jen Thompson

Being transported through cinema, music, books and art in general is my happy place. You’ll find me in the cinema at least once a week.

My background is sprinkled across a few decades in television, radio, national cultural institutions and a business of narrative therapy through digital storytelling. I’ve sung in bands and had photographs in local exhibitions.

So, thanks WTF for inviting me to watch films and vote for my favourites. It’s a fun and daunting task. These films from near and far have made me laugh, cry and ponder the human condition – what it’s all about, right?

I have respect for anyone brave and determined enough to share their creativity.

Let’s celebrate this festival together!

Now, where’s my popcorn…





David Jockel

My favourite recent movie is Everything Everywhere All at Once. My favourite old movie is The Honeymoon Killers from 1970.


I particularly like movies that are not too predictable or formulaic and that have some originality. My day job is torture - Hansard - so I'm looking forward to watching some uplifting movies that provide contrast to the mediocrity and mean spirit of our parliament.




Horror Films, Uniquely Canberra District & Documentaries.

Person Under 18 Years and Sci-Fi


Gabrielle Gregoire

Gabrielle Grégoire, a filmmaker from Canberra, Australia, draws inspiration from her multicultural upbringing, travels abroad and the natural world that surrounds us.


Her filmmaking journey began with early recognition at the age of 17, winning an internationally recognised film award at FlickerFest in Sydney for "La Torta." This marked the start of a series of accolades in experimental, poetic, and short documentaries.


In 2021, Gabrielle earned her Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the University of Canberra. Driven by her adventurous spirit, she interned as a script analyst at Jean Doumanian Productions in New York City, contributing her love for film to the city's vibrant energy. Gabrielle firmly believes in the profound impact of storytelling, especially through the cinematic medium. She emphasises the vital role of storytelling, envisioning this exchange as a catalyst for understanding, healing, and embarking on a transformative journey toward higher states of being.


Beyond the realm of film, her ultimate vision extends to contributing to a global shift towards a more compassionate and loving world. Guided by this vision, Gabrielle is committed to a continuous journey of learning and remains open to new concepts, stories, and experiences.




Films Under 20 Minutes and Open Student

Ryan 2.jpg

Ryan Erlandsen

Ryan Erlandsen is a stage and screen actor from Canberra and Adelaide, Australia. Ryan appeared in the 2023 WTF Film festival in the adaptation of Stephen King’s Dedication as the antagonist Peter Jeffries and in the multi-award winning Follow Your Nose.


Ryan is passionate about working with emerging talent, starring in student films with the University of Canberra Film School’s, Learners and the University of South Australia Film School’s, Beyond Our Grasp.

On stage, Ryan has performed with professional and amateur theatre companies including the Mill Theatre in Reasons to be Pretty and the Canberra Repertory Theatre in Hotel Sorrento and in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Ryan is a member of Canberra’s premier improvised theatre company, Lightbulb Improv, performing at the National Folk Festival and Canberra Theatre and will make his debut at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe in the production Cypress Point.

Ryan has a drive for story telling through dramatic arts and is drawn to character-driven stories, bringing complex characters to life on both stage and screen, scripted and unscripted. Ryan will make his judging debut at the 2024 WTF Film Festival for the Films Under 20 Minutes and Open Student categories.






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