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We are Canberra based independent filmmakers who wanted to create a not for profit, fair and transparent film festival. For years, we've been running the gauntlet,
entering film festivals that turn out to be far from genuine. Some seem
to be just money making ventures, others will select you for an award only
to ask you to pay over $400 for the trophy you won. We think that is outrageous.


We also wanted to have an actual festival with a genuine physical screening.
A screening where filmmakers, families, friends and the community can attend and
watch your film. After all, isn't this why you make films?


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the festival in it's first year, we are now extending our festival to three days. That means, more fabulous films to select and show to the world!


If you were an entrant in the 2023 Festival, you qualify for the Inaugural Entrants category. This is for films up to 3 minutes and is free to enter.


Our judges are not given instructions from the organisers. They are left to be objective and as independent as possible. We select a diverse range of judges for our festival, with a range of expertise and love of film. Each year we also invite a member of the local community to be included on the judging panel. We don't want them to have any qualifications, just a love of films. We want them to do nothing but select films they like. No matter what type of film you make, we want the judging process to be fair.

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