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12 to 16 Years

Under 18 Years

Open Student

Emerging Film Maker

Film Under 7 Minutes

Film Under 20 Minutes

Film Under 45 Minutes

Uniquely Canberra District

Female Film Maker

Blast From The Past

Spaced Out

Schlock Horror

Best Script

The Devil's Mascot
Eleanor Creevey

Monday Morning Again
Clare Willmott

Clancy Ellerman-Miller

Clare Willmott

Eye Love You
Sofia Parisotto

Return Shute: The Survival of a Small Town Video Store
Simone Atallah
Kings of Taiwan
Syrus Sadvandi

Jack Alejandro Young

Bacon Sundae
Leon Braun

Day 18, 727
Faith Kennedy-Graham

Le Tour
Johnny Yager

Reinhard Koller-Astleithner

Christine Elizabeth Harris

Not For Sale
Leon Braun

Best Actor Under 18 Years

Best Actress Under 18 Years

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Director

Best Cinematography

Best Horror Film

Best Lighting

Spirit of Film Making Award

People's Choice Award

Best In Festival

Bob Ledbury – SUBSTRATUM

Indianna Swain – Lean Into Darkness

C.J. Maldonado - Pseudo

Cassidy Spencer – As Common As Red Hair

Melanie Hayward – Lean Into Darkness

EVA: HERO GIRL - Temirbek Amanzhol

STYGAL - Melanie Hayward

Sierra - 98  - Jessica Trinity Fisher

Kylie Agnew

As Common As Red Hair - Robbie Robertson

Jack Alejandro Young

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